Mini Pig Wormer


Very Safe And Gentle!

16 ozs.



Very Safe And Gentle. Most wormers like Ivermectin are very harsh and can make your pig or baby pig sick. We like to only worm for worms that your pig has. Email for details on how to match your pig to the best wormer that is not harsh but covers the worms in your area!

We recommend to worm your baby two months after you receive them. Then every 6 months to worm them and all other pets in the home.

This wormer is safe for pigs, puppies, adult dogs, kittens and adult cats.

Vet approved!

Will last a long time even when worming your pig, dog and cat.

Syringe (included) feed in mouth or on food. Very simple to worm. Very important to worm your pig twice a year!

16 ozs.



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