the piggy parents

The best pigs are born from the best parents. Learn more about your new baby by learning a little about where they came from.

As a breeder, we raise each baby born at Mini Pocket Pigs with care, but we can’t claim all of the responsibility for making these piggies the best and brightest they can be. A lot of care and attention comes from our breeding couples, making each Mini Pocket Pig a gem to be cherished.


Roni is 5 1/2 years old and only 12 inches tall, but he’s got a big heart! He is gentle, even with his tiny babies. This boy provides piglets with the boldest colors and occasionally blue eyes! You can be sure that Roni’s babies also get his very sweet and mellow temperament. Personality is by far one of our most focused breeding qualities. We do not believe in breeding any pig if they do not have the best personality.

Pure Bred Juliana

The Father


Dixie is 13 inches tall and 5 years-old tri-Juliana with nice big black spots, short stature, and an adorable face. She’s quiet and very mellow, and she’s a great mom to her pretty babies.

Pure Bred Juliana

Dixie Past Babies

Chip Girl

Prepare for a cuddler! This 3 ½-year-old, 12 -inch tall piggy loves attention. Her babies are the cutest little balls of oink, and she tends to give us our soft hair babies. You cannot go wrong with a Chipmunk baby, because they have only the best personalities and they love to be held.

Chipmunk Mini

Chip Girl's Past Babies


Kendall is 5 years old, 12 inches tall, and absolutely the sweetest girl! She tends to give us our smallest babies.  Very petite and dainty babies. She has the best manners and is such a doll in everything that she does. With a look this cute, how can we ever say “no” to her?

75% Juliana, 25% Mini

Kendall's Past Babies


Looking for a  Juliana? Kylyn is our girl! At 4 years old and 13 inches tall, she is the most obedient piggy, but she loves to prance and run around when she goes out for play time. She gets along with everybody, and anyone who meets her knows that she is just a spectacular piggy.

Pure Bred Juliana

Kylyn's Past Babies

Lady Bug

What a little princess we have here! At 5 years old and 13 inches tall, she just warms the heart! Lady Bug loves to cuddle and is the most well-behaved little lady. Her babies are the cutest ever, but her perfect personality most shines through in all of her babies.

Pure Bred Juliana

Lady Bug's Past Babies


Kyla is a 4 year-old and 11-inch tall tri-red with soft long hair. This super sweet and special girl has amazing color, gorgeous spots, and the cutest face ever! She has the best personality and is always happy. Her babies are just as sweet and fun as she is.

Pure Bred Juliana

Kyla's Past Babies


Trigger is now 4 years-old! 11  inches tall. Very Rare Triple Gene Blue Eyed Juliana silver with black spots. Get ready for a baby with a very  loving personality, because Trigger is the most loving boy! He loves napping in your lap. This gorgeous boy is just the life of the piggy wing. Very entertaining and just the funniest boy.

Pure Bred Juliana

More Of Trigger

Ki Ki

Ki Ki is 3 1/2 years old. 10 inches tall. We are excited to add her to our breeding program. I can not say enough about her. She is the sweetest girl! Loves laying in your lap and snuggle time. Her parents are Kora (retired) and gorgeous Roni.

More Of Ki Ki