Now approved for pigs!

NuVet Plus is a full spectrum immune system builder; not just a vitamin. It’s filled with synergistic blend of anti-oxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and more designed to promote healthy cells and to help the pet’s immune system heal and even prevent disease.

· NuVet Plus is 100% natural; no sugars, fillers, binders, grains or artificial flavors. This gives it superior absorption and utilization in the body, allowing the ingredients to be more effectively absorbed through the cell wall. Healthy cells = healthy pets!

· NuVet Plus is manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered, human pharmaceutical laboratory; almost unheard of in the pet food or pet supplement industry. This assures the very highest quality, potency and purity. In other words, what you see on the label is what you actually get. Studies have shown that products manufactured with less controls, including those from China, don’t always provide what it says on the label.

· NuVet Plus ingredients are all natural and human grade. So called “animal or feed grade” allows for a manufacturer to include by-products, chemicals, fillers and meats from dying or diseased animals; something NuVet Labs would never allow or condone.

· NuVet Plus is perfect for outwardly healthy pigs. By keeping the immune system functioning at peak performance the pet is better equipped to prevent disease. For piglets, it helps to boost their still maturing immune system – critically important!

· NuVet Plus can help the animal deal with environmental conditions, including pollutants in the air, pesticides and more. The powerful antioxidants found in NuVet plus can help combat the free radicals resulting from the environment.

· NuVet Plus is safe! It’s virtually 100% water soluble and food based, making it almost impossible for a pet to overdose. It’s also safe to take with medications.

· Peace of mind – NuVet Plus comes with a 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

Why I recommend NuVet Plus 

As a quality breeder, my highest priority is the health of the piglets I breed. Part of that responsibility includes doing everything possible to assure their wellbeing after they go to a new home.

While all quality pig foods will provide everything needed to sustain life, I believe in added benefits of a immune booster. NuVet Plus is cold processed allowing all of the benefits of its rich nutrients to be retained, giving your new piglet an extra layer of protection, especially during the most critical first year of life.

Additionally, when piglets nurse, they rely on their mother’s colostrum (highly nutritious milk produced right after birth) for the antibodies they need to fight infection. However, the maternal antibodies’ effectiveness declines as the piglets immune system begins to mature. By 8 weeks, your piglet’s immune system is at a vulnerable point and will soon be challenged on multiple fronts.

When a piglet is moved away from its mother and siblings to live with its new family, the immune system is weakened by the stress of adoption and exposure to bacteria and viruses in its new home. These are pathogens for which the piglet’s body has not yet developed antibodies, and it is widely recognized that the immune system is less effective in times of stress. So starting NuVet Plus now is important to helping your piglet grow into a healthy adult.

The worming series is also started during this time period. Worming is only effective if the immune system can respond properly. If the immune system is distracted by combating an actual disease processor and it does not receive the nutrients required to keep it strong during times of stress, the health of the piglet is at risk. The best way to prevent illness during this critical time is to provide the nutritional support required for proper immune system function.

In three weeks of using the Nu Vet Vitamins with my pigs I noticed their hair was even softer. I have one pig that always has dry skin. I am able to keep her dry skin to a minimal with my grain mix with added omega’s but once I added the Nu Vet Vitamin / Immune Booster to her diet we no longer have any worries of dry skin. Also the added benefits of protecting from cancer, arthritis and many more benefits is a must for me.

Jeri Lynn/ Mini Pocket Pigs


Now approved for pigs!

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