WE WILL BE OPEN THROUGH THESE TOUGH TIMES: COVID-19, Earthquakes, Tornado’s, Windstorms, Snow Storms, Sunny Days, Stay-at-home orders. We have plenty of grain and resources. It is very important to us that all the lovely pigs get their grain. So we will be here for you! Stay healthy and safe. Hold your families together with love and understanding while finding gratitude in today. We can do this together. Mini Pocket Pig Family

One thing that we emphasize at Mini Pocket Pigs is that we do not breed Potbellied Pigs. Miniature Juliana Pigs are an entirely different breed and as a result they require an entirely different Mini Pig feed. The protein rate in most commercial food is as much as you would feed a farm pig. Also, it is missing much needed items for these indoor pets. We also found some of the commercial food use grain by products. We only use Non GMO all natural organic grain. Over the last 8 years with extensive research with a nutritionist and our vet we have developed our own nutritionally balanced feed, and now offer it to our piggy parents! I also have 25 years experience in animal nutrition. Every batch of grain is lab tested to assure it is nutritionally balanced the same rate every time.

” BIG NEWS” We now offer our grain pelleted! We have invested in a press pelleting machine and now can offer the all natural grain pelleted with pressing instead of cooking it at high temperatures. With the pressing pelleting  we do not loose any of the natural oils or nutritional value. The pellets are great for older pigs. It gives them some more substance to chew. It also takes away the dust from the ground grain. Our pigs are loving it. I do recommend the ground grain for the younger pigs. Once your pig is over 4 months give the pellets a try. If you are not sure if you should use ground grain or pellets please email me. I would love to share a free sample with you and your pig to see what they enjoy the most.


Food Testimonials

“Since starting this food about 6 months ago we have seen way less aggressive pigs, and skin flakiness has almost disappeared. Their color has brightenend and they are SO soft, no more scratchy pigs! Thank you so much for such a great product. I would highly recommend this to everyone who owns a Mini Pig.”

January 19, 2018
Jane Doe

What Our Piggies Need

Our Mini Pig food has been nutritionally analyzed by a professional laboratory. Nutritionist and vet approved! It provides approximately 3-months’ worth of food (lasts longer for piglets), which we ship right to your door. This Mini Pig food supplies all the nutrients your pig needs, along with some bonuses! We find that our pigs don’t experience as dry skin, just dander from seasonal changes, they have softer hair, and they eat slower and are satisfied when fed. They get everything that a growing piglet or fully-grown piggy might need. We also can customize your Mini Pig grain for special needs.

Special Pigs Get Special Food

Our Mini Pig food contains 16 ingredients and a high number of minerals and vitamins. We’ve included ingredients that offer amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids. The Micro Pig food also includes a natural parasite preventive, and we’ve included a ingredient for control of odor. Added super-foods for healthy neutered males and females. We also grind the all natural grains for a high rate of digestion. If you prefer press pelleted grain no worries. We use a press pelleting process so you do not loose important oils and nutrients. With our mix of Juliana Pig Food & Mini Pig grain, fresh veggie’s and a Nu Vet Lab Vitamin/Immune Booster Wafer, our pigs are at their optimal health.



Now approved for pigs!

Mini Pocket Pigs’ Nutrivittles offers all of the nutrients that your Juliana & Mini Pig might need. Go ahead and give it a try by ordering a 3-month supply.