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100% Organic And all natural.

Developed specifically for Micro Juliana Mini Pigs
High in minerals and vitamins.
Contains amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids
High in fiber to satisfy Micro Mini Pig appetite.
Added super foods for optimal health.
Additional minerals and vitamins for dry skin and soft hair.
Packaged and mixed when ordered to assure and maintain quality.

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24 lbs. Ships In A Large Flat Rate Box

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100% Organic Non-GMO Grain.  Ground for easier digestion. We believe in only High-Quality Ingredients. No fillers and no byproducts. On average 1 box lasts 3 months if feeding 3/4 to 1 cup a day.

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New option press pelleted. We prefer press pelleting our food, so you do not lose all of important oils and nutrients. Grains that are heat pelleted and not pressed pelleted run through a cooking process of 135 degrees. So, you lose all the natural oils and ingredients that are very important to your pig’s health. Our older pigs love it! It gives them more substance to chew. It’s all what your pig prefers. We also offer mixed with the pellets and ground together.

Developed specifically for  our Micro, Miniature Juliana & Mini Pigs
Added Omega’s 3, 6, & 9 for Dry Skin

High in minerals and vitamins.

Odor eliminator also added

No Oats. Oats are extremely high in fat and turn into sugar.

No Alfalfa it can cause stones in spayed and neutered pigs.

Tons Of Research and years of experience has gone into the ingredients that are safe and healthy for your Pet Mini or Juliana Pig. Nutritionist, Vet approved. Every batch is lab tested to insure proper ratio’s. We do not believe in Min & Max analysis. We want to know it is the same and have a licensed and approved all organic mill custom mix our grain.

Contains amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids
High in fiber to satisfy Micro Mini Pig appetite.
Added super foods for optimal health.
Additional minerals, vitamins and my secret mix of all natural organic oils for dry skin and soft hair. I noticed a difference in 3 weeks. It also helps with the eye discharge.
Packaged and mixed when ordered to assure and maintain quality.

Our grain has been made specifically with our pigs and indoor pet pigs in mind. We emphasize that high nutritional value and fiber is the key to keeping your pig from growing too fast. Slowing down the rapid growth has helped keep our pigs healthy into elder years without having huge health issues. We have dedicated several years of research and extensive testing into developing the perfect balanced blend. Several highly educated professionals took part in the process of making sure that the grain was not missing any important ingredients. During our research we were able to recognize the key ingredients that are missing in the pig food on the market. Also, we have worked on improving issues that arise in all pigs. That is why our grains are made out of the best quality for the highest nutrion value and clean and safe and being pesticide free. Improving and perfecting the recipe, seeing the positive changes made in our pigs has been such an amazing accomplishment. Vet approved and lab tested to assure proper balanced food that is exact. We took it a step even further. Leveling the Omega’s out in their diet has improved the dry skin. We even noticed that the pigs kept cleaner after the added super foods were added for extra nutrion that is missing in all pig food.  Our grain is a custom blend so if your pig has special needs please email or text me and we can be sure to custom fit your pig. We even offer a wheat free blend for pigs with wheat allergies that is how custom it is.

Ground Grain: $58.00 (Price did go up due to the added ingredients and the cost increase on all the ingredients). We are very cautious on charging more for the grain. Great for Babies and older pigs that need a maintenance diet. Easy to digest. Will work in timed feeders. Most of my pigs are fed the ground mix even the older pigs. If I notice a pig that leaves food behind and drops food while eating. It is time to switch them to the pellets. If I need to put a little bit of weight on them, we switch to the pellets as well.

Pellets: $61.00 (Pressed) Same ingredients as the ground just pressed for more substance. Great for pigs that are older that may need to add a little bit of weight. Or pigs that waste their food. The pellets do give your pig more substance to chew. Also great for timed feeders or slow feed activities.

Mixed: $60.00 Ground Grain & Pellets (pressed). Hand mixed together to give your pig a variety of different ingredients.

24 lbs. Shipped in Large Flat Rate Box

Free Shipping. Please plan for up to two weeks to receive your box of grain at the earliest it will be a week! It is taking longer to ship the boxes.


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