We Love Him So Much

Milo is doing fantastic. We love him so much!! Thank you for breeding such beautiful healthy miniature pigs.

Extremely Knowledgeable

Our gift from God was born close to Valentine’s Day with a heart shape spot on her side. This fortunate family is very blessed to have our precious baby girl Merci Mei. She arrived in Northern California on Good Friday. For this family it was the start of a new piggy adventure of love and kisses. Our prayed for bundle of joy is pure bliss.

Of all of the micro pig breeders to choose from, we highly recommend Jeri Lynn’s mini pocket pigs. We are so fortunate to have our sparkly big eyed, very petite, and stunningly beautifully tail wagging show stopper that makes everyone stop in their tracks and squeal with delight.

Jeri Lynn is extremely knowledgeable. Her pigs are treated better than most children. You can trust Jeri Lynn to be a reputable person and breeder. Merci Mei is proof of that fact.

A Cuddly and Affectionate Little Guy

I just wanted to check in and let you know that Welker is doing fabulous!!!! We love him so so so much!! He has settled into our family like he was born to be with us. He is such a cuddly and affectionate little guy, we love it!!! He makes sure that he has his share of cuddle time in the morning.
We absolutely love him, he’s kinda the prince of the house!!

Amazing Pigs

I love Jeri and her amazing piggies. I did a lot of research and Jeri is amazing. I adopted Tulip who is adorable and so loving. Jeri really cares about all her pigs and even rescues pigs! Here is Tulip! Fully grown she is 35lbs.

Thank you so much!!

We adore our new babe! She is so sweet and bringing us so much happiness. She has been litter box trained since we brought her home and is very comfortable around people. Thank you for making this such an awesome experience for us!


Hi! Life has been busy since Hampton flew into our lives. I love the little monster, as well as our other furry kids love him too. I attached a few pictures. Hampton’s cat is Gus, they are almost inseparable. I can go on and on about Hampton but you all already know how special these dear little pigs are.
Hope all is well with everyone at your home.
Thank you! Kelli


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