Pig Stain & Odor Remover


Miracle Piggy & Pet Stain & Odor remover. Concentrate. Mix with Water.

16 ozs.

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Miracle Piggy & Pet Stain & Odor remover for their pens or carpet. Concentrate. Mix with Water.

This is an Enzymatic Cleaner that removes and deodorizes to destroy pet accident foul odors.

Do not use in litter boxes. I never clean my litter boxes with cleaner or my pigs will stop using the litter box.

Will remove urine odor from carpet and pen. I use this to clean all my piggy pens. I even use it in my bathrooms, sinks and drains. Incredible cleaner. Great for carpets it completely removes all odors so the pig does not smell it’s accidents. Very important to repeat till odor or stain is removed. Also can be used to wash dirty blankets or beds. Works great for all pet accidents.

Spray undiluted on carpet and then spray a fine mist of water on top to activate. Repeat spraying water so it stays wet for several hours for optimal cleaning.

Or you can mix 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of cleaner in a spray bottle and add water to 6 times the amount of cleaner to activate the cleaner. Then spray the carpet or pen. For carpet I let it sit and air dry. Pens I let sit with cleaner forĀ  10 to 15 mins then wipe clean. For really smelly areas I let it sit for 30 mins. The way this cleaner works is if it is wet it is eating the stain or odor. Once it dries it is done working. Repeat if necessary. Once mixed with water it is only activated for 24 hours so use it all up or only mix up what you need to use.

16 ozs.