She Is the Best

Our search for the perfect pet started about 2 years ago when my wife ran across a picture of a “Tea Cup Pig” on the internet. We started to do some research, and ran across the typical night-mare stories of pigs growing to enormous sizes. Well, a little more research revealed that those few stories are recycled all over the internet, and it didn’t take much time to realize that all we needed was a reputable breeder. We found just that in Jeri Lynn at Mini Pocket Pigs.

After viewing Jeri Lynn’s website, and all of the included information and pictures of piggy parents (standing next to rulers), we knew we had found our breeder. One phone call to her and we were sold! Jeri Lynn’s willingness to answer all of our questions, spend time on the phone with us, and send us pictures of our new baby almost daily eased any anxiety we may have had taking on this new venture. Now I have had pets all my life, but my wife Leah has not. Leah is extremely allergic to just about everything. Walking into a house where a cat or dog lives results in hives and breathing issues. Leah was a bit worried about our pig. In stepped Jeri Lynn to the rescue again! Jeri Lynn explained why pigs are considered hypoallergenic. She also suggested that we check with an allergist. Well guess what friends… Leah isn’t allergic to Penelope, our little girl piggy. Penelope is truly Leah’s first pet.

When the day came to pick up Penelope from the airport, I don’t know who was more excited, myself and the kids, or Leah! Penelope is sweet, adorable, affectionate, smart, loving… I could go on forever. She is the best! We just love her! I dare you to spend an hour with a pig and not fall in love. You just can’t do it!

And friends, Jeri Lynn’s support doesn’t stop when you get your new piggy. She has answered a ridiculous number of questions for us, from what brush to use to what kind of shampoo to buy, and how do we trim Penelope’s hooves. Jeri Lynn is there every step of the way. We also feed Penelope Jeri Lynn’s food. Penelope loves it, and she’s doing great!

Please friends, if you are even considering adding a piggy to your family, take a few minutes to call Jeri Lynn…you can thank me later.