The Calmest and Most Well-Adjusted Piggies

I just wanted to say how grateful I am that my 14-year-old daughter researched Jerri Lynn’s website. My daughter has wanted a Juliana pig for the past 4 years and never gave up researching her passion.

Her dream came true Nov 4th, 2015 when we purchased Winnie the pig, a female registered Juliana pig from Jerri Lynn’s website. My daughter and I never held or petted a pet pig before, but believed Jerri Lynn as her enthusiasm and energy poured out for her adorable piggies. She educated us on how loving, gentle, and smart Juliana pigs are. Even though I was hooked on these adorable piggies I was still a little apprehensive about purchasing from someone I never meet, but Jerry Lynn totally exceeded my expectations by staying in touch with me through the whole exchange and transportation process. Jeri Lynn is truly a genuine honest person!

I can’t thank her enough for the food she produces, the piggy training she plugs, and for all her holding therapy she does with each baby. Making them the calmest and most well-adjusted piggies on the market. I still am amazed at Winnie’s calm temperament. From the moment we opened Her crate door she was calm, affectionate, and well-tempered. Even after that long flight!