Pig Fro Car Toy


Fun toy for your playful pig.

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Our pigs loves these. They love to push them around, pick them up and root in the fun rooting fro. Even our pigs that are not playful with toys loves these. I’m not a big fan of rooting rugs. Pigs tend to use them as potty mats. So this is the next best thing.

Hand made!

Tons of color options for girls and boys.

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White Cheetah, Pink Poke Dot, Blue Ty Dye, Turquoise, Brown Cheetah, Black, Blank-White Cow, Zebra, Black-White Leaf, White-Brown Cheetah, Black-White Flannel, Lime Green-Grey, Purple-Grey, Blue-Purple Flannel, Hot Pink Ty Dye, Hot Pink-Black Zebra, Purple-Blue Checkered, Blue-Hot Pink, Orange-Lime Green, Dark Blue Ty Dye, Hot Pink Ty Dye, Light Blue Camo, Dark Blue Flannel


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