Pig Rooting Ball Toy


Our pigs and babies loves these!

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Hand Made.

They can root, roll and pick up these balls to have a ball.

We went to the rooting balls instead of the rooting rugs because our pigs were using the rooting rugs

for a litter box.

Also great for adding treats for a treat toy.

Tons of color options for girls and boys.

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White Cheetah, Pink Poke Dot, Blue Purple Tie Dye, Turquoise, Brown Cheetah, Black, Black-White Cow, Zebra, Black-White Leaf, White Brown Cheetah, Black White Flannel, Lime Green Grey, Purple- Grey, Blue Purple Flannel, Hot Pink Ty Dye, Hot Pink Black Zebra, Purple Blue Checkered, Blue-Hot Pink, Orange-Lime Green, Dark Blue Tie Dye, Hot Pink Tie Dye, Light Blue Camo, Dark Blue Flannel